Four Benefits Of Using Organic And Natural Lawn Care

You’ve probably heard a lot about organic food, organic produce, and organic farms. But how much do you know about organic lawn care? What does this type of lawn care offer, and what are the benefits? And most importantly, does it work here in Illinois? Your friends at Pure Prairie Organics have the answers and the right option for your lawn, no matter what your preferences or lawn care needs are. 

It Works Better Than Traditional Lawn Care Treatments and Practicesthink green sign on lawn

Organic lawn care can help you achieve a healthier, more beautiful lawn without the hassle and potentially harmful chemicals that traditional lawn care employs. While traditional lawn care focuses on feeding the grass plant, organic lawn care focuses on creating the best environment for the grass plants in your lawn by boosting the organisms and structure of the soil that supply the grass plants with nutrients. This method works continually over long periods of time and can address common problems that your lawn might be facing, like poor resistance to drought and disease.  

It Works Better for the Environment

Using organic lawn care keeps environmentally damaging synthetic chemicals out of your yard and the environment. Additionally, these products are biodegradable, use natural resources, and reduce water pollution from runoff, making you breathe easier about your impact on the local waterways. 

It’s Healthier for You, Your Family, and Your Furry Friends

When you use organic lawn care, your lawn care practices won’t affect those you love. This lets you and your family enjoy your lawn without worrying about coming into contact with potentially toxic or harmful chemicals. 

It Can Save You Money, Time, and Effort

Organic lawn care involves investing in high-quality fertilizers that are more expensive than traditional fertilizers so that it will be an investment upfront. However, over time your lawn will be healthier and require less maintenance, treatments, and effort on your part. Using organic lawn care will save you money over time without the stress of constant treatments and maintenance that traditional lawn care options require. 

Pure Prairie’s Organic And Natural Lawn Care Options

Like us, every lawn in Illinois is different and requires different levels and types of care. At Pure Prairie Organics, we offer two comprehensive lawn care programs tailored to our customer’s unique needs and individual preferences: 

Fully Organic Lawn Care Programfertilizer on lawn

Our organic/natural lawn care program is for those who want to use only 100% organic and natural products on their lawn. Over time, the organic fertilizer will help your lawn look full, lush, and beautifully vibrant. Our years of experience help us know when to apply this fertilizer, and in between applications, we will keep you up to date with anything your lawn might need. This program doesn’t include weed or crabgrass control, so if your lawn doesn’t suffer from a lot of weeds, this is the program for you. 

Organic Based Blended Program

If you have problems with weeds in your Illinois yard, our organic-based blended program is right for your lawn. This program relies on mostly organic fertilizer but also includes non-organic weed control. Using this blended program means you get most of the benefits of organic lawn care, such as a healthy, dense lawn, and control problematic weeds like crabgrass and keep them out of your yard. If you’re just getting into organic lawn care, our organic-based blended program is a great option to start with to get your lawn into top shape before transitioning to our fully organic program.

For All Your Illinois Lawn Care And Pest Control Needs, Call Pure Prairie Organics

If you want to switch to organic lawn care and take advantage of all of the benefits it can bring to your northeast Illinois lawn and home; You need to contact the lawn care experts at Pure Prairie Organics. Whether you want a completely natural lawn care program or a mix of traditional and organic, we can help. 

Check out our website to see more information on our organic/natural program or our organic-based blended program, as well as our pest control, core aeration and overseeding, and tree and shrub care services. You can also fill out our contact form online for an instant quote or give us a call at 630-780-7939. And don’t forget to stay connected with us on our Facebook page, our Instagram page, and on our monthly blog, where we share helpful tips on caring for your northeast Illinois lawn and home!