Core Aeration & Seeding

Core Aeration for Lawns

Core Aeration for Lawns

When a lawn needs to be aerated, it’s because soil tends to become compacted over time. Compaction on lawns happens when used frequently, which most often occurs between April and September. Due to this, the team here at Pure Prairie Organics recommends having your lawn aerated in the fall or even the early winter before the ground freezes. However, each lawn is different, so Pure Prairie Organics offers core aeration in the spring season for those who need it.

The basic core aeration process includes creating holes in the soil to allow air, nutrients, and water to flow appropriately and proportionately. The holes are strategically placed about half an inch, give or take, into the soil. This process is generally followed by seeding that is uniquely blended for your turf.

Some customers may request overseeding to fill in thin or bare areas, our clients can let us know if they are interested in overseeding, and Pure Prairie Organics will choose the right seed for your yard.

Overseeding Your Lawn

While you can easily choose to seed your yard without undergoing the aeration process first, you will notice that seeding has less effect without aeration. Aeration will allow the seeding process to be better received by your turf.

When overseeding is combined with aeration, there are several benefits than just aeration alone. If you have a particularly unique turf type, our team can customize your seed even further so that different sections of your grass can receive different seed mixtures. Our team members are committed to making your lawn care unique to your preferences and needs.

As a lawn care company, we recommend our clients pair both aeration and overseeding. But no matter what you choose, choose Pure Prairie Organics!