Pest Control

Grub Control

Natural Grub Control

Pure Prairie Organics offers a natural and traditional approach to taking care of the tiny white pests that infest your turf during the hot summer months. This method includes a milky spore that attaches itself to the turf to kill and prevent grubs before they happen. It is worth noting that this program will be priced higher and take a bit longer to reach its full potential.

This program generally takes two years to be fully applied. It will be introduced to your turf slowly throughout six applications between spring, summer, and fall the first year. The following year, the product will be placed three times during the same three seasons. Our product is safe for up to 10 years and will continue to live on your soil.

Traditional Grub ControlĀ 

Pure Prairie Organics wants to ensure that each client has its needs met, which is why we offer a traditional chemical method for grub control. This one is a bit less expensive because the product we use is more common and has been effective in early applications. This method will be applied in the spring, before July, and will be applied each season as needed.

Whether you are looking for a healthy and safe way to attack grubs, or you are ready to take down the little white friends quickly and efficiently, the Pure Prairie Organics team has the training and equipment to help your turf.

Mosquito, Flea, Tick, and Ant Control

Mosquito, Flea, Tick, and Ant Control

Mosquito Control

We offer a natural solution that allows mosquitoes to be killed off while our flying friends like bees and butterflies are spared. Pure Prairie Organics uses a solution that contains cedar oil to repel mosquitoes. Our natural mosquito control is offered in June and is recommended to be applied every two weeks to ensure your lawn is kept mosquito-free.

Flea, Tick, and Ant Control

This service begins in June when the little pests start to show up in our yards and around our outdoor spaces. For these pests, we offer both a natural solution and a chemical solution. Whichever solution you feel is best for you, it is recommended to be applied monthly to ensure you, your pets, and your loved ones are safe for the summer.

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