Tree & Shrub Care

Tree and Shrub Care

Pure Prairie Organics offers an organic, natural tree and shrub fertilizer that is done five times per year. The tree and shrub fertilization process begins around May and ends around September. These dates are approximate because the fertilizer is applied to leaves specifically, so application times depend on leaf growth.

The team here at Pure Prairie Organics recommends offers this service to be done monthly within the given time frame. When you choose this service, your trees and shrubs will be monitored for insect control and disease prevention when our team comes out to treat your trees and shrubs. However, many of our organic customers choose not to treat the insects that live on their trees and shrubs.

For those who do want to treat to fight against insect infestation, Pure Prairie Organics offers insect control and fungicide protection in addition to our fertilization program. While this service is not offered on its own, we do recommend it for those who want to ensure their trees and shrubs are protected long term.

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Common Tree and Shrub Issues in Illinois

Common Tree and Shrub Issues in Illinois

Tree and Shrub Insects

Some insects that you may want to watch out for when it comes to tree and shrub infestations are ones like borers, bagworms, Japanese beetles, magnolia scale, mites, pine needle scale, and a whole slew of other issues. Some of these insects can cause serious damage, and even leave your trees and shrubs dying if the infestation gets bad enough.

Tree and Shrub Diseases

Dutch elm disease, oak wilt, pine wilt, root rot, apple scab, anthracnose, and a whole slew of other tree and shrub diseases can take down your greenery if left untreated. By choosing the Pure Prairie Organics tree and shrub fertilization program, you are ensuring that things like these scary insects and diseases are monitored throughout the risky season.

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