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Pure Prairie Organics is proud to offer a wide variety of lawn care services in both organic and traditional methods. Our most popular service is our Organic Based Blended Program, which features about 64% of organic materials; with the rest made up of traditional material. Our clients gravitate towards the Organic Based Blended program because it targets weeds while still keeping the health of the environment in mind.

For those who prefer entirely organic products to be used on their property, head over to our service pages to check out our Organic/Natural program by clicking on the services tab at the top of the screen.

Pure Prairie Organics additionally offers organic and traditional methods of pest control (including fleas, ticks, grubs, ants, and mosquitoes), tree and shrub care, as well as core aeration and seeding.

Organic Based Blended Program

If you're looking for excellent quality, mostly organic fertilization program but still want the benefits of broadleaf weed and crabgrass control, this is the program for you!

Organic Based Blended Program

Organic/Natural Program

Looking for organic lawn care that will help your lawn look its best? Wondering how to create a healthy place to hang out with your family and pets? We've developed a lawn care program that will make you and your lawn the envy of the neighborhood!

Organic/Natural Program

Pest Control

If you are looking for grub control, mosquito, flea, tick, or ant control, you're in luck! Pure Prairie Organics is proud to offer these services in both traditional and organic methods!

Pest Control

Core Aeration & Seeding

When you are struggling to reach that really full, picturesque look for your lawn, core aeration and seeding may be something you need in your future!

Core Aeration & Seeding

Tree & Shrub Care

Our organic liquid kelp fertilizer will allow your trees and shrubs to thrive all year round!

Tree & Shrub Care

Our Programs are Customizable

Here at Pure Prairie Organics, we offer a number of different programs because we know that our clients each have their own unique needs and preferences when it comes to caring for their lawns. Whether you are interested in an entirely organic approach to taking care of your turf or are more interested in targeting harmful weeds, Pure Prairie Organics has the program for you.

Check out our services!

Our Services

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Organic/Natural Program

Clients who choose to give their lawns a boost through an entirely organic program can have treatments applied and get back to enjoying their yards in no time! This program is applied six times throughout the months of March through November, which is the time in Illinois where the sun is shining and we are enjoying our lawns more often than usual. With this program, our customers can expect to have a bright, full lawn year-round!

Check out our organic/natural program!

Organic/Natural Program

Our Organic Based Blended Program

This program is our most popular program, with about 85% of our customers choosing this one each year. If your lawn is privy to major weed issues that come back over and over again, but you are still worried about the health and wellness of the environment you live in – this program is for you. Pure Prairie Organics blends a mix of organic and traditional fertilizer to target weeds while ensuring everyone is safe. You can count on us to stay true to our commitment to organic by using one gallon of traditional fertilizer where most companies would use 12!

Check out our organic-based blended program!

Organic Based Blended Program

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