Utilize The Power of Aeration and Overseeding to Renew Your Lawn

Illinois is one of those states that struggle with heavy snowfall throughout most months of the year. A lot of people who live here really don’t mind the snowfall when it starts in November and goes through Christmas and the New Year. However, we know it never just stops there. Oftentimes, it takes months and months after the New Year for the snow to clear. And when spring finally arrives, as it has finally started to in our area, the snow has left the grass in a rough position.

Since we are¬†finally¬†in spring, we can start to think about preparing our lawns for the warmer weather. When we begin to irrigate, fertilize, and mow, there is a chance we might notice our lawns are still not doing great. But why could that be? There isn’t anything else you can think of!aeration machine

That’s where aeration and overseeding come in. It’s time to check for compacted soil and create a better way for your turf to heal from the harsh effects of excessive snowfall.

To find out how to identify compacted soil and what exactly you should do about it, keep reading along in this blog.

So What Is Compacted Soil?

Compacted soil itself is when the soil in your lawn is packed so tightly that it struggles to actually benefit from the fertilizer, irrigation, and other nutrients it is getting. This is due to the lack of air that is flowing underneath your turf. Now, don’t get us wrong, compacted soil can happen in the summer too. But after the snow sits on top of the lawn for an extended period of time and everyone around you is building snowmen, making snow angels, and sledding… Your lawn underneath is likely going to pay the price.

And when this issue does occur in the winter is when you will likely see the negative effects of it in the growing season, like spring. This is where core aeration should be coming into play.

Core Aeration: What Is It Really?

Traditional aeration is essentially digging up parts of your lawn to make room for better airflow – you know, that super important thing that is lacking when your soil becomes compact. So the simple solution to this is to use a mechanical aeration machine to go across your lawn and pull up little plugs of dirt, creating space for your lawn to breathe. This a skilled practice, so we don’t waste what is pulled up. It is actually left on the lawn to break down into an organic mulch of sorts. This starts the regrowth process of your lawn.

How To Renew Your Lawngrass overseeding

Just as the pulled-up grass starts the regrowth process, so does overseeding. Overseeding is what really brings a freshly aerated lawn home. With all of that extra space that we have just created, the seed you are laying down will be able to be planted right into the roots and have a better chance of being effective.

The seed blend that is used is unique to each lawn, meaning your lawn won’t necessarily need the same blend as your neighbor’s. The goal here is to ensure the seed is individualized so that your lawn has the best chance of coming back to life. Follow this process up with a proper irrigation system and you should be golden!

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