Organic Lawn Care in Naperville. 

Pure Prairie Organics has specialized in organic lawn care and lawn fertilization since 1994. We combine our love of the environment with our passion for lawn care to give our Naperville community the best natural lawn care in Illinois. We understand that each lawn is different and requires different needs, which is why we offer two excellent organic lawn care programs.

Organic Lawn Fertilization

Our natural lawn care programs are designed with one philosophy in mind; providing the best lawn care with the least impact on the environment. We do this by giving your lawn what it needs to grow strong and healthy throughout the season. Our applications have been well thought out and will be applied at the proper times by a well-trained technician. We’ll give you tips along the way and suggestions if we notice anything wrong with your lawn. Our informative newsletters and reports will help you with what your lawn needs in between our visits. We think you’ll enjoy our small family-run business…it’s way more personal than those larger nationwide franchises.

Weed Control

If you want a healthy lawn then weed control is a must. Weeds are a sign of a weak lawn so getting rid of them is a priority. At Pure Prairie, we offer two weed control programs for our Naperville customers. 

Organic Lawn Care Program

If you want to get a healthy lawn fast, you first need to get rid of the weeds. While there is no organic chemical to kill weeds, our organic-based program contains organic fertilizer with some weed control to get you there faster. Our organic program contains 100% organic lawn fertilization without weed control. With this program, our aim is to build the health and resistance of your yard so that it can naturally fend off weeds on its own. 

Mosquito Control

We all know how bad mosquitoes in Naperville can get in the summer. No pest will ruin your outdoor gatherings faster than a swarm of hungry mosquitoes. At Pure Prairie, we offer all-natural mosquito control solutions that don’t harm bees or other pollinators. Our organic mosquito application contains cedar oil to repel mosquitoes naturally. We only offer this service in June and we recommend applying it every two weeks to ensure your lawn is kept mosquito-free.

Get The Best Lawn Care In Naperville

We understand that each lawn is unique and has different needs. At Pure Prairie Organics, we have specialized in organic and natural lawn care for almost 30 years. If you want the best organic lawn care in Naperville then give us a call today or request a quote.